RGI-232: GeoInfoNed

Database management systems have become the nucleus of many spatial information systems. They provide the infrastructure for both the storage of spatial data and associated administrative data to aid the user in his quest for valuable information.

The landscape for Geo Information is however changing drastically: Next to simple text and numeric attributes, it becomes mandatory to seamlessly integrate more complex types of data. This can range from multimedia data (video streams from surveillance cameras), via aggregated sensor data to highly structured XML data. To overcome information overload a user needs a filter and analysis step that aggregates the staggering amount of data into meaningful features.

Currently no generic Database Management Systems are available that provide the performance and scalability needed for such a system.

The GeoInfoNed project brings together two internationally leading research teams to develop a reference platform for multi-media enriched Spatial Database Management System using GML as an interface. A spatially enhanced XQuery implementation provides a stepping stone to link into the emerging visualisation tools, e.g. Google Earth.


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